Applied Research Coordinator

Job details:
Working hours: 12 hours (3days/week)
Salary: 7000 SEK (gross)
Length: 6 months probationary, thereafter a continuing employment contract

Suderbyn Ecovillage is developing a closed loop energy system (see here) in a geodesic dome that is a combination of domestic micro biogas production, zero acreage farming in vertical aeroponic towers and a set of innovative, low-impact, environmental solutions for local resilience. We now have funding for the employment of a research coordinator who shall focus on all aspects of the closed loop system by means of researching, developing and training while troubleshooting the challenges that remain with effective consumption of the methane, digestate liquid fertiliser and food that is produced on site. 

As the NGO RELEARN Suderbyn is recruiting, its RELEARN Council has the ultimate employer responsibility. The position is part of the Suderbyn work domain for “Networks, Education and Research” which includes the Education Coordinator and International Project Coordinator. This position also collaborates with the Administrative Coordinator and the Garden Coordinator.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Improving and expanding a vertical ZFarming system for soil-free plant cultivation and integrating its use into ongoing gardening practices.
  • Experimenting with nutrient solutions for vertical ZFarming to develop optimal practices.
  • Improving productionand efficiency of the biogas system and developing solutions for, scrubbing/filtering, storage, transport  and use.
  • Keeping regular progress documentation and reporting it to the donor on a monthly basis.
  • Maintenance of the biogas digester and vertical ZFarming system.
  • Maintenance and fine-tuning of auxiliary renewable energy systems: a 800W Hugh Piggott wind turbine and solar panels.
  • Supervising and inspiring volunteers for biogas production and plant cultivation. Ensuring that the volunteers follow the safety protocols.
  • Purchasing of materials. 
  • Attending staff coordination meetings.
  • Assisting to integrate closed loop system operations into the rest of the ecovillage operations by means of lectures, workshops, events and similar.

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Legally allowed to work in Sweden.
  • Willing to live  in Suderbyn Ecovillage and participate in its activities.
  • Practical skills such as carpentry, metalwork, plumbing, electrical work and natural building.
  • Interest in applied research, appropriate technology, innovation and experimentation.
  • Proactive and responsible attitude.
  • Ability to work in an English-speaking environment.
  • Possessing a green thumb is an asset.
  • Background in biology, chemistry or technology is an asset. 
  • Having a driver’s license (B) is an asset.

How to apply:
Please send your CV or Bio and a Motivation Letter to [email protected] In the motivation letter, answer the following questions:
– Why are you interested in the position?
– Why are you well suited for this position?
– What would you like to bring?
– What are your aspirations or concerns?