Daily Organisation

In Suderbyn, we all live and work together. Although every week is different, there are daily and weekly items on the schedule regularly, Below, you can get an idea of how the weeks are organised.

Monday morning meeting and check-ins
Every monday at 8:00, generally over breakfast, we gather to share about our mood, to organize work for the week and to distribute roles for the cleaning tasks and the Essentials (daily and weekly necessary tasks to keep everything running smoothly). 

Every other weekday, we gather before lunch for a quick check-in, to know how each person is feeling and to make announcements to the group.

Every Wednesday and Friday, we gather at 8:00 for a quick morning meeting to organise the next days and make announcements.

Community meetings
Weekly community meetings are scheduled for the end of each work week.
The community meetings include: Information points, People points, Decision points and Decision Announcements.
Based on a sociocratic decision-making process (Sociocracy 3.0), we discuss ideas for long-term projects but also daily community organization. This means we work with consent-based voting; a decision only passes if everyone consents to it.

​The dynamics within Suderbyn are always changing, and by bringing your voice to the meetings, you are actively contributing to the ongoing shaping of the community.

Domain-specific meetings
Suderbyn’s work activities are divided over specific domains: the garden, infrastructure, office and NGO domains. Each of these domains hosts a weekly meeting to discuss domain-specific work and other information. 

Sharing circle
The sharing circle is space that is hosted every two weeks and allows the community members to express their feelings and whatever is on their mind; in a comfortable, safe, and open environment. 

You will be welcome to join sharing circles after living in Suderbyn for at least 2 weeks.

Volunteer circle
Every month or two, volunteers that stay for one year or less organise a volunteer circle, where they create a platform to share their thoughts and feelings about their volunteering in a private space, and have a chance to learn from hearing each others’ experiences.

Workshops and presentations
Knowledgeable and skilled people, whether long-term residents, volunteers or visitors, can share their knowledge and interests through workshops or presentations. These are organised on a semi-regular basis. These workshops can cover a wide range of subjects. You will be more than welcome to organise as many as you want during your stay!

Common meals
On weekdays, individuals or a small group of people sign up for cooking the lunch of the day. This lunch is prepared with as many vegetables, herbs and fruits from our own gardens as possible, and the remaining ingredients are all vegan, organic, fairtrade, and where possible also locally produced. 

On Sundays, we host a communal potluck brunch where everyone is invited to prepare small or big dishes to add to the table besides the standard pancakes, coffee and tea.