Suderbyn Community

​If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
  ― African proverb

Who we are

Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage was founded in 2008, as a place for individuals to live more sustainably, in line with nature and permaculture principles. The land was bought cooperatively, and included a farm house and barn, which we still use today, Since then, we have developed the property and it now also hosts a permaculture landscape, garden, compost toilets, caravans and small houses.

​Throughout the years, the community has embraced increasingly higher levels of voluntary simplicity, communal sharing and cultural diversity. Nowadays, it is a home for around 25 international people who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the development of an alternative way of living and experimenting with structural and social systems to find those which are most sustainable. 

We are volunteers

Every single person in Suderbyn devotes time and effort into the place without seeking a material remuneration in return. Regardless of the type of involvement, be it long-term residency, internship or even employment, the primary relation between the individual and Suderbyn is that of volunteering.

We love to learn from each other, we love to build, grow, play, cook, dance and try out uncommon ideas. We like to celebrate something and we feel awesome when we work together. 

Everyone is different, but some things unite us – we all care about the people, help each other and learn from each other. ​ We are a family, but a family we have chosen ourselves. 

We live here:

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