We are open to day-visits and love having guests also for longer time, however, please let us know in advance if you want to visit us during the day so we can plan our time. We organise guided tours of 1 or 2 hours that you can book in advance.
If you want to just come by to look around, you can feel free to walk in on your own. 
We are also available for online interviews for researchers and students.

Longer stay and moving in

If you are thinking of moving to Suderbyn, we recommend visiting first, to see the place, how we live, and how we work together. If you like Suderbyn and feel that you would like to live here, you are welcome to come back and become a “Suderbyn Explorer”. However, you can also come as a Suderbyn Explorer directly.

Suderbyn Explorer

This is a try-out period that lasts one year.
Explorers are asked to contribute to the community with at least 20 working hours a week. This time can be filled by domain-specific work, cooking, cleaning, attending the morning meetings/community meetings/working group meetings, organizing social events.

During that year, there will be feedback sessions every three months. In these sessions, you and a few community members will reflect on how your integration is going and how your presence benefits the community. At the end of each session, the community members will vote on your continued stay.
During your time as an explorer, you can choose to have a “buddy”, a person who helps you integrate and give feedback.

After the 4th feedback session, you and the community make the final decision about whether you and Suderbyn are a good fit. If both sides consent, you will officially become a Suderbyn resident.
Please write to us at info(at)suderbyn.se in English – Suderbyn is an international community with people all over the world and we speak English between ourselves.

Specific skills and expertise

In Suderbyn we have different working domains (Infrastructure/Garden/Office/NGO) which need specific skills and expertise. These skills will be an asset and considered during the selection:

Infrastructure: electrician, carpenter, mechanic, welding skills, ecobuilding, networking (also in Swedish) leadership skills.
Garden: permaculture, biodynamic farming, organic farming
Office: administration, finance management, external communication, community building skills

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