About Suderbyn

We all are different, we all are the same.

Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage was founded in 2008, as a place for individuals to live in line with nature and with permaculture principles. The land was bought cooperatively, and included a farm house and barn, which we still use today, Since then, we have developed the property and it now also hosts a permaculture landscape, garden, compost toilets, caravans and small houses.

​Throughout the years, the community has embraced increasingly higher levels of voluntary simplicity, veganism, communal sharing and cultural diversity. Nowadays, it is a home for around 15-25 international people. We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to the development of an alternative way of living and to experiment with structural and social systems to find those which are most sustainable for us. The size of the community changes a lot throughout the year, as some people visit for only a month or two, and others are volunteers in our European Solidarity Corps or other volunteering projects.

We are all volunteers
Every single person in Suderbyn devotes time and effort into the place without seeking a material remuneration in return. Regardless of the type of involvement, be it long-term residency, internship, official volunteering, or even employment, the primary relation between the individual and Suderbyn is that of volunteering.

We love to learn from each other and work together. We love to build, grow, play, cook, dance and try out uncommon ideas. Everyone is different, but some things unite us – we all care about the the planet, want to live sustainably, and want to learn from each other. ​ We are a family; a family we have chosen ourselves.

Our goals
We want to live in a way that creates a prosperous living environment while minimizing our environmental footprint. In creating Suderbyn Ecovillage together, we aim to live close to nature and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle, striving for self-sufficiency in food production and renewable energy, prioritizing ecological and local materials.
We question patterns of consumption, social structures and cultural stereotypes.
We experiment with innovative and traditional knowledge, in an attempt to create a model of an alternative society.
We work
 on continuously developing the place, socially and physically, and manage  educational projects on local and international levels.
We regenerate the connections between people and between people and nature.

What we do
We work and create together. We grow part of our food in our garden designed according to the Permaculture principles, we develop eco-building projects, maintain our car- and bicycle-pools, and develop our own energy production.

From the Suderbyn office and NGO RELEARN, we are engaged in a number of different projects spanning a range of organisations. Such projects link us to other ecovillages in regional and international networks, international volunteer schemes such as the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and Service Civil International (SCI), as well as other projects with a focus on sustainability and environmentalism.

Suderbyn incorporates 3 legal organisations: the Cooperative “Suderbyn People-Care”, the NGO “RELEARN Suderbyn”, and the Foundation “Suderbyn Earth-Care”
The Cooperative takes care of the basic infrastructure of the place – be it accommodation, food, transportation, energy and water, or other administrative or practical matters.
Our non-profit NGO works with educational, outreach and research projects both in Suderbyn and internationally.
The land is owned by the Foundation, the only function of which is to ensure that Suderbyn’s land is used to develop the ecovillage.

​People-Care Suderbyn

Suderbyn Cooperative is responsible for maintaining and developing
​the ecovillage, and providing a sustainable home for short and
long-term residents and volunteers.

​RELEARN Suderbyn

RELEARN is a non-profit NGO working locally and internationally with education, engagement and international cooperation for sustainable development.

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