Office & Administration

“This is where the magic happens”
― Kamuran

The office provides the ecovillage with a user-friendly, simple and smooth structure to support its organisation. It serves as a bridge between society’s bureaucratic processes and Suderbyn’s organisations and inhabitants. It works to reduce complexity of bureaucratic language, allowing anybody to interact with it, while still ensuring compliance with legal requirements and financial sustainability.

Kamu welcomes you to the office!

What happens in the office? 
The office is constantly active, due to the amount of administration needed when you add +/-25 people, an NGO, and an infinite amount of plans under the same roof.
​Among other things, the office is responsible for:

  • Handling legal requirements for the organisations that operate in Suderbyn
  • Managing the website, social media, and general communication
  • Accounting (invoicing, bookkeeping, financial analysis)
  • Documentation (archiving, note-taking)
  • Establishing organisational routines
  • Project management (drafting content, steering, reporting)
  • Networking on a local and international level

What are some future plans for the office?

  • short-term: getting established as a developed domain with a solid team and ensuring that the organisations connected to Suderbyn keep operating in accordance with legal standards.
  • long-term: setting the pace with alternative entrepreneurial models and securing sustenance for community members.

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