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RELEARN Suderbyn is a non-profit NGO working locally in the Baltic Sea Region and internationally. The NGO works on and has worked with projects concerning environmental resilience, social justice, respect for human rights, democratic development, cultural expression for democracy, identity and heritage, trasformative education and international cooperation for sustainable development. We work on all levels of sustainable change – from personal development to local actions and developing an alternative model of society, to transnational cooperation and global network.

Our areas of work mainly include:

Action research 
​and innovation

Non-formal education 
for youth and adults

Networks and cross-border cooperation

Our mission is to work for a resilient society where innovative solutions are integrated with age-old knowledge. Through experiential methods, we embrace a holistic perspective that considers nature, economy and culture as integral parts of one complex system. In order to help bring about positive social change within contemporary systems, we work with individuals, groups and international projects in various aspects of global, local and inner sustainability.

The NGO was founded in Suderbyn Ecovillage on Gotland in 2007. Over the years, the NGO has shifted its focus from local promotion of ecological lifestyle to regional and international work with the focus on education and holistic models of social and environmental sustainability.

​Our Work


– Working actively with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) — which establishes and maintains cooperation between eco-villages around the world. Through GEN, we have connections in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia;
​- Hosting international working experiences and a number of working weekends through the organisation Service Civil International (SCI)
– Facilitating trainings and project creation.

In the Baltic Sea region

– Leading projects in cooperation with other BSR countries;
– Initiating and hosting the headquarters of the Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN);
– Serving as a consultant for transnational projects for Rural Development.

On Gotland

– Developing connections between local grassroots initiatives;
– Building a local model of regenerative society for educational, experimental and demonstrative purposes.

In Europe

– Leading Erasmus+ educational project for youth workers with partners from around Europe;
– Running Green Skills volunteering programs with European Solidarity Corps;
– Closely collaborating with the Global Ecovillage Network for Europe (GEN-Europe);
– Cooperating with ECOLISE— Metanetwork of community-led initiatives on cllimate change and sustainability. 

Around Sweden

– Collaborating with and hosting the national headquarters for International Arbetslag (IAL) which is the Swedish branch of Civil Service International
– Participating in the development of the Ekobyarnas Riksorganisation (ERO) — the Swedish Ecovillage Network.​

In Suderbyn Ecovillage

– Developing a model for promoting sustainable lifestyles and regeneration of local ecosystems
– Organising courses, internships, volunteer placements and trainings at Suderbyn

​More information: 

Below, you can find a narrative report of our operations in the past years

Organisation number:  802438-3765

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