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We do not have a magic button which transfers your money automatically as we are not connected to a commercial payment system.
Please take a minute to transfer your contribution from your online bank or swish. ​

For domenstic transfers (in Sweden) use Swish or Bankgiro 

Swish n°; 123 318 75 15

​Bankgiro: 143-2400

Message on the payment: “Relearn Donation”

International Payments

Account Holder: RELEARN Suderbyn
Bank: Sparbanken Gotland
Domestic account nr: 8055-6, 04 508 113-0
IBAN: SE9280000805560045081130
Address: Visbyvägen 35 B, 62254 ROMAKLOSTER

Please add this message to your payment: “Relearn Donation”

If any questions please send an email to [email protected]