Biogas Heating System

Design and installation of a community-scale heating system based on biogas produced locally from the organic waste. The development of the heating system is bound to the Closed Loop System and finalising of the biogas digester system.

  • During the project a heating system for three adjacent houses has been designed and built. The heating system as such consists of a gas furnace for the biogas, a wood oven, radiator elements in the rooms of the three houses, a hot water storage tank and the balance of system (pipes, pumps, valves, regulators, etc.)
  • The first house has an area of 55 square meters, a further guest house has 32 square meters and an office with 24 sqm. In total 10 radiators have been installed in the three different houses.
  • The raw biogas comes from experiments of biogas production on the same property, about 180 meters away. The biogas storage cylinders are transported to and stored near the gas furnace. 
  • The gas furnace, the wood boiler, the hot water tank and the control of the system are enclosed in a heating room from where the different houses are being supplied with heat.
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After the construction and testing of the system, we are now running tests with it to understand how high the heating requirements of those three buildings are, how to design the most user-friendly operability of the heating system in conjunction with the biogas bottle transport and storage and what the ratio between biogas and wood usage as fuels is.

In addition we are looking into potential rocket stove and solar thermal solutions as additional heating sources and how to integrate them into the existing system.

Funding: LEADER Gute
Period: May 2018 – December 2019

​Visiting the project

​Suderbyn opens its doors to visitors multiple times in a year and organizes guided tours. If you would like to see the biogas heating system, you can join one of the open houses!

Open house dates
20 June 2020 (Midsummer) – cancelled due to Covid-19
19 September 2020 (European day of sustainable communities)

Please let us know that you would like to see the system with an email to

To be notified about other, more spontaneous opportunities for visit, follow us on our facebook page

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